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25 October 2010

Recording of the Week: Duelling Deer

Cheryl Tipp, curator of wildlife sounds at the British Library Sound Archive, writes:

The annual rut of the Fallow Deer takes place during October and November. Rival bucks will normally use their voices to express their strength and condition, however encounters between evenly matched males will often end in a duel. The clash of antlers in this recording is extremely evocative - the call at the end is almost certainly produced by the victor. This recording was made by Lawrence Shove in Halden Forest, Devon in 1964.

British-wildlife-recordings Recording of the Week highlights gems from the Archival Sound Recordings website, chosen by British Library experts or recommended by listeners. This week's item was chosen from the British wildlife recordings collection, a selection of over 600 nature recordings from around Britain. The British Library’s “ British Mammals CD” has modern digital stereo recordings of Fallow Deer and others for comparison.



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