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20 July 2012

Sound and moving image user survey

Luke McKernan, Moving Image curator at the British Librray, writes:

We're working away behind the scenes on assorted projects here at the British Library which have the overall aim of increasing the amount of moving image and sound content that we can make available to our users, and integrating this with everything else that the Library offers to researchers. It'll be good, when we get there.


As part of this process, we want to know how researchers are using moving images and sound in research now (if they do so at all): what sources they use, what subject areas they are working in, and what sort of audiovisual services they would expect to see from the British Library. Have you made use of the Library's huge sound collections? Do you expect to find everything on YouTube? What do you think of an institution like the British Library engaging with moving images?

So we're launching a survey today, which we urge you to complete, whether you use either medium in your research a great deal or hardly at all, and whether you are a British Library user or not. It'll take no more than 5-10 minute to complete, it's on a single web page, and there's an invitation maybe to join us in testing some of the new tools and services we may be developing. And the results will be a huge help to us in determining the direction of our future services.

Do please fill out the survey, and tell others about it. It runs until the end of July.


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