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04 July 2013

Field Recording Fanzine

Cheryl Tipp, Natural Sounds Curator writes:

Earlier in the year I was invited by Caught by the River to guest edit a special field recording edition of their fanzine, An Antidote to Indifference. The plan was to cover as many aspects of field recording as possible and give a broad overview of the current goings-on in this fascinating community. After spending a few months gathering mostly unique works from a variety of field recordists, sound artists and writers all engaged in their own ways with this diverse genre, I'd like to think that this has been achieved. Wildlife recording trips, urban soundscapes, sound maps, installations and personal reflections on recording experiences and the importance of listening are some of the topics covered. These pieces sit alongside a range of reviews, interviews, blog posts and other snippets of news. Some of my favourite contributions include:

 Jez riley French - A Quiet Position | Polyphonies

Des Coulam - Urban Soundscapes: a Parisian perspective

Mark Peter Wright - Severing all Ties

Jonny Trunk - Basil Kirchin

La Coza Preziosa - Between Presence and Absence: capturing transitional states

Rick Blything - Field Recording in Northern India

JD Lopez - Listening to Art

Field recording special

I'm lucky enough to work with field recordings on a daily basis so guest editing this fanzine was a great opportunity for me to bring together a range of material from a subject area that I love.
I hope you get as much joy from reading this edition as I did from putting it all together.

An Antidote to Indifference is available through the Caught by the River shop


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