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25 November 2014

The eCreative “Sound Connections” pilot nears completion

Guest blog by Tom Miles, British Library's project manager on Europeana Creative.

 The Europeana Creative project - which began in February 2013, with the purpose of encouraging creative professionals to reuse content on Europeana – is about to complete its second year. The five pilots that the project has developed are now either completed or reaching completion. The themes of the pilots are Natural History Education, History Education, Tourism, Social Networks and Design.

BL Sound and Vision has been involved in the Social Networks pilot: “Sound Connections”. Working with its project partners, Netherlands Institute of Sound & Vision (NISV), HistoryPin, Platoniq and Ontotext, the pilot is an opportunity for users to enrich audio recordings with their own knowledge and content. 

So, for the above recording of the Nuthatch, it's possible to find the recording on "Sound Connections" and add your own comments, photographs, links to Wikipedia and other articles, relevant links on Europeana, etc. 

There are four themes to explore: Birdlife, Aviation, cityscapes for London and cityscapes for Amsterdam.

 You can browse the site either by text or by exploring the map. Most of the recordings originate from the countries of the content providers - the Netherlands and the U.K. The pilot aims to breathe life into online content, so that more information is added to them by users with different perspectives and areas of knowledge. 

The project partners are still in the process of refining "Sound Connections", which is on track for its official launch in January 2015.


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