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26 September 2016

Recording of the Week returns!

After a bit of a career break, Recording of the Week returns to the Sound and Vision blog! Every fortnight we'll be shining the spotlight on some of our most treasured recordings, from poets to politics and everything in between. Specially selected by experts from across the sound archive, these recordings will offer tantalising glimpses into a much larger collection of over six million items

We'll be keeping these selections short and sweet so, without further ado, let's kick off the new season with some singing steel, courtesy of National Life Stories interviewer Paul Merchant.

Metallurgist Sir Harry Bhadeshia tells the story of a steel that cried out. Its crystals sang as they formed themselves into the shapes that make 'Super Bainite' the strongest armour in the world.

Sir Harry Bhadeshia and the Crying Steel - Voices of Science

Harry Bhadeshia_021I-C1379X0100XX-0001M0

You can hear more stories about environmental science, British technology and engineering from 1940 to the present day by visiting the brilliant Voices of Science website.

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