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26 January 2018

Linguistics at the Library - Episode 1

PhD placements students Andrew Booth and Sarah Rowan write:

Episode 1
The first episode of Linguistics at the Library introduces the British Library’s Evolving English Collection, which is a sound archive capturing the diversity of English accents and dialects. Podcast hosts Andrew Booth and Rowan Campbell are working with this archive as part of a PhD placement, and every few weeks will be bringing you a fresh discussion about linguistics and how to identify different accents.

This week’s ‘What’s the feature?’ used a clip from:

BBC Voices Recording in Newcastle. BBC, UK, rec. 2005 [digital audio file]. British Library, C1190/32/01. Available:…1190X0023XX-0101V0

Interesting links: 
The glottal stop in Glasgow:…ogenised-london 
The Bristol ‘l’:…n-idea-dialect.html 
An in-depth look at the Newcastle accent:…ase-studies/geordie/

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Linguistics at the Library Episode 1

Andrew Booth and Rowan Campbell