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01 March 2018

Driving across Greenland at minus 40

However bad your commute to work was in snow-blanketed Britain today, it's unlikely to be as bad as the drive scientist Richard Brett-Knowles had across Greenland as part of the 1952-54 British North Greenland Expedition.

1024px-M29_Weasel_Arctic_USArmyTransMuseumWeasel vehicle similar to that driven by Brett-Knowles in 1953

(Image by Larry Pieniazek, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

As well as sleds pulled by husky dogs, the expedition used Weasel tracked vehicles to travel across the snow covered wastes, though as Brett-Knowles recalled in this interview extract, the vehicles were not without their problems…

Richard Brett Knowles - driving at minus 40 (C1379-66)

You can listen to the whole of Richard Brett-Knowles's ten-hour life story interview online. And, if you're having a snow day, why wouldn't you?

This blog is by Tom Lean, National Life Stories Project Interviewer. Tom interviewed Richard Brett-Knowles for An Oral History of British Science (reference C1379/66) in 2012.