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24 October 2014

Hue and Cry

The Hue and Cry notices in the British Newspaper Archive make fascinating reading.  They sometimes include striking descriptions of the individuals being sought.  I came across one for a Nicholas Makepeace in the Newcastle Courant for 16 April 1785 when doing some family research.


Hue and Cry notice for Nicholas Makepeace NocBritish Newspaper Archive 

Nicholas Makepeace had escaped from constable William Whale near Lee Hall Northumberland on 8 April 1785.  We are not told what had led to his arrest.  This is the description printed in the newspaper:

‘Nicholas Makepeace, a Husbandman, about five feet six or seven inches high, appears to be about twenty years of age, slender made, round shouldered, and stoops in walking, long visaged, dark eyes, has molds on his face, dark short hair, one of his arms, and part of his body, marked by a scald he got when a Child; one of his feet broader and shorter than the other, and can speak the English, Scotch, or Hearse Dialect.  When he made his escape, he had neither hat, coat, or shoes on’.

Anyone able to ‘apprehend and secure’ Nicholas was to give notice to George Johnson of Prudhoe, who would reward them handsomely for their trouble. 

I am hoping that some more evidence will come to light to show whether we can include the intriguing Nicholas in our family tree!

Margaret Makepeace
Lead Curator, East India Company Records  Cc-by



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