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23 January 2016

Queen Victoria’s handwriting

As it is National Handwriting Day, we have decided to treat our readers to a letter by Queen Victoria from the India Office Private Papers.  Perhaps best described as ‘challenging’, this sample of the Queen’s handwriting dates from 24 June 1897, a few days after her  Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Here is a flattering portrait from that year of the 78-year-old monarch sitting beside an open writing box.

  Queen Victoria F60125-26

Queen Victoria - Illustrated London News: Diamond Jubilee Special (1897) Images Online Noc

The Queen is writing from Osborne House, her holiday home on the Isle of Wight, to Lord George Francis Hamilton, Secretary of State for India 1895-1903.  Enjoy!

Mss Eur A147 ff.19

Mss Eur A147 f.19v

Mss Eur A147 f.20

Mss Eur A147 f.20v

Letter from Mss Eur A147 ff.19-20v


Margaret Makepeace
Lead Curator, East India Company Records Cc-by

Further reading:
India Office Records and Private Papers -Mss Eur A147 Letters from Queen Victoria (1819-1901) to Lord George Francis Hamilton (1845-1927), Secretary of State for India 1895-1903, including comments on the treatment of her `munshi' and on arrangements for the Indian delegation to her Diamond Jubilee. 



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