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27 August 2021

Follow up: Important information for email subscribers

We want to acknowledge the response to our blogpost on 13 August, in which we announced that the email notifications for the blog will be ending shortly, owing to changes made by the third-party platform.  Many thanks to those who got in touch to let us know their views about this change.  We really value hearing from you.  It is heartening to know how many people appreciate getting our blog notifications in their inbox and we understand that other ways of finding out about blogposts aren't always as convenient or relevant for you.

Demonstration of a string telephone with a man talking into a receptacle and a woman at the other end of the string with a receptacle held against her earDemonstration of a string telephone from Théodore Achille Louis Moncel, The Telephone, the Microphone and the Phonograph (London, 1879) British Library 8758.b.31 p.32 Images Online Public Domain Creative Commons Licence

We also want to assure you that we are actively looking into this issue and working to implement a solution which will continue your email notifications,  However we do not know whether you will continue to receive notifications about new posts before we are able to implement this, but we promise to update the blog with further information as soon as we have it.  Thank you for your patience and understanding while we resolve this.

Margaret Makepeace
Editor, Untold Lives

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