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23 December 2022

The Physiognomy of Christmas

On Christmas Eve 1870, a newspaper called The Days’ Doings published pictures of Father Christmas as he was thought to appear to different groups of people.

The Physiognomy of Christmas - drawings of nine different faces for Father Christmas‘The Physiognomy of Christmas - Father Christmas as he appears from several different points of view’ from The Days’ Doings 24 December 1870 British Newspaper Archive

Nine faces are drawn depicting how Father Christmas appears - 

To the Young
To men who can’t pay their bills
To the Lover
To the Grumpy
To the Puritanic
To the Jovial
To the Jaundiced
To the Gourmand
To Readers of Xmas Tales.

Seasonal Greetings from Untold Lives!

Robin on a holly branch


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