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29 November 2011

UK Web Archive #FastFacts: A Starter for 10.

Things it's good to know:

  1. The UK Web Archive is a selective archive of UK websites that are considered to be of scholarly and cultural importance.
  2. Websites are collected selectively across the spectrum of knowledge and human activities, including science, technology and medicine, business, social sciences and arts and humanities.
  3. Websites are nominated by subject specialists, curators, external institutions and individual members of the public.
  4. Subject classifications are applied to website titles to facilitate research usage.
  5. We develop special collections that group together websites relating to a specific topic.

Number crunching:

  1. The UK Web Archive was launched in 2004.
  2. The web archive now contains almost 10,000 different website titles.
  3. Copies of websites are gathered periodically in order to capture changes over time (these are called ‘instances’) and there are now almost 40,000 different instances in the web archive.
  4. The current size of the archive is over 10TB
  5. The ‘One & Other’ website is our most frequently accessed resource