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18 August 2021

If Websites Could Talk - Part 4

By Hedley Sutton, Asian & African Studies Reference Services Team Leader

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Raspberry pi website

Once again we are privileged to be able to eavesdrop on a diverse group of UK domain websites, as they attempt to identify the most extraordinary site of all.

“Shall we start?” said the Happy Museum Project. “Surely no-one will object to our being a candidate?”

“Indeed. No-one will object,” said Fat Llama. “Then again, nobody is going to be wildly enthusiastic.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” said Crazy Coffins. “We want to be more ambitious, and choose a site with some wit and humour.”

“Like us!” cried Raspberry Pi.

“Or us!” added the Use Less Group “Geddit?”

“Of course we get it,” sighed Intelligent Lifts & Escalators. “We’re not stupid. However we really need a site with an aura of mystery … something that draws the outsider in … “

“Then you can only mean us,” suggested the Edible Bus Stop. “We are surely a stronger candidate than Rubber Cheese, or VocalEyes.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said the Eton Fives Association with a sneer. “You might as well nominate a site like Mutts With Friends.”

“Oooh, hark at you,” said Dog Daddies, in canine solidarity. “As a site championing another of our four-legged friends, are you with us too, HopeThruHorses?”

“Good grief!” exclaimed the Good Grief Trust, somewhat predictably. “If the discussion continues in this vein, we’re probably going to need to bring in Spread A Smile.”

“Or possibly even the Wellbeing Supervisor,” mused Magic Bus UK.

A brief silence descended on the gathering, soon broken by the UK Corrupt Police. “Hello hello hello, what about nominating us?”  

This seemed to concentrate minds. It was decided that the wisest course of action was to let Verifiable Credentials make the final choice. This meant that the site eventually put forward was … the Fab Foundation.

If you know of a UK website that should be included in the archive, nominate it here.