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03 November 2022

Calling All Digital Preservers!

By Andy Jackson, Web Archive Digital Lead, British Library

Calling All Digital Preservers!

World Digital Preservation Day logo -WDPD2022

The digital preservation community is small and under resourced. This means we must work together if we want to make the biggest impact. To this end, a small group of us have been attempting to help the members of the digital preservation community better support each other. As it is World Digital Preservation Day  (, we'd like to encourage you all to (re)discover what we've built so far:

If you'd like to help, we'd love to hear from you....

  • What have we missed from the Awesome List?
  • Can you answer any of the unanswered DigiPres questions? Do you need to ask questions of your own? Are there old questions and answers on mailing lists that need a more visible home, so others can find them again?
  • Can you contribute to the COPTR Tool Registry?
  • Are these resources useful? Should we change our approach?

The last one is really important. We've been in digital preservation long enough to see a lot of portals and projects come and go, and we recognize that making it possible to build on past work sometimes requires changing what we've built so far.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. You could talk us directly via Twitter or Mastodon (e.g., or use the discussion forums. We're happy to hear any and all ideas!

In particular, in the last few weeks, the homepage has been modified and the Awesome List has been set up, based on community feedback ( Now would be a great time to get some feedback on what we've been doing!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Andy Jackson (@anjacks0n/@[email protected]) & Paul Wheatley (@prwheatley), on behalf of all the contributors.

With thanks to the Open Preservation Foundation for hosting many of these resources, and to the Digital Preservation Coalition for their support.